Photo: Johan Lei Gellett



Freja Løwe founded her namesake label while studying sustainable fashion design in Copenhagen. She never imagined herself contributing to the fast paced fashion industry, so she traveled to the opposite part of the planet to pursue a slower and more authentic way of creating garments. After having spent a year in Bali researching and learning about ancient techniques in natural dyes and craftsmanship, she is now working from her studio in Denmark. Freja creates timeless garments inspired by the raw beauty of nature. Her primary medium of expression is natural dyes, as she sees it as a way of turning every garment into a unique piece of art, while offering an alternative to the chemically dyed textiles on the market. Through working with local resources and honoring the experimental process, Freja seeks to create aesthetically sustainable and durable designs that sets a new standard for meaningful design. By incorporating the benefits of plants and handmade elements, the garments are meant to nourish the wearer physically and emotionally, for years to come.