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My name is Freja, I am 24 and live in Copenhagen.

"This blog came to life as a creative outlet, where I can gather my interests in one place while sharing my journey with likeminded."

I write, I take photos, I design clothes, and then I have this urge to go on adventures and explore the world. My love for nature and scenery inspires me in everything I do. I have a passion for exploring the bigger questions in life, from different angles. I don't like to plan much, and I feel alive when unexpected things happen.

I enjoy the small things, and I want to live a free and mindful life. In a fast paced world, filled with opinions on how life should be lived, I am on a mission to find out how I can build a life around the things that makes ME happy. 

This is my journey, I hope you'll come along. 

What else do I do?

I have an AP degree in Design Technology, and I am currently doing my BA in Design & Business, specializing in Sustainable Fashion, finishing January 2019. 

Creativity is my passion and most honest way of expressing myself. My passion lies within design that has a purpose and evoke feelings. I believe in the power of aesthetics and the way it adds value to things.  

My love for photography often guides me in the creation of my designs. I enjoy the process from the first glimpse of something small, and seeing it evolve into a bigger matter. 

I find beauty in almost everything, and love to immerse myself in the details. Sustainability is an integrated part of my mindset when creating, and I practice slow fashion techniques. 

I find great inspiration in different cultures and nature in general, which is why I travel a lot and are happy to collaborate across borders.