My design studio was created out of a love for simple aesthetics and the poetry of creative processes. I practice slow fashion techniques and aim to bring back the appreciation of craftsmanship and quality. By celebrating the art of slow making, I create aesthetically sustainable products that last longer than one season.



My designs reflect my Scandinavian roots, combined with an experimental approach, where I let nature and local resources guide me. I am drawn to nature, and the many colors and health benefits which can be extracted from plants, and I aim to encapsulate that in my garments. I have set up my small studio in Ubud on the island of Bali, where I practice different natural dyeing techniques, to create unique pieces. I work with local artisans, who are skilled craftsmen, and they help me make my designs come to life. I am a forager, and are always on the hunt for new exciting dye materials to explore. I believe in community, and I collaborate with local flower shops and restaurants to turn waste into a ressource.

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