To make your garment last longer, it’s essential to treat it with love. Natural dyes fade more quickly than chemical dyes, and is less light and wash fast. The beauty of nature is that it is ever-changing and all garments are designed to become even more beautiful with time, just like us.


The use phase and washing of clothes has the highest negative impact on the environment, compared to the manufacturing process. It’s up to you to decide if the garment will continue it’s lifecycle in a sustainable manner.

Treat your garment like it was your skin

  • It’s recommended to wash your garment by hand.

  • Wash with a natural and ph neutral detergent, as chemicals/harsh detergents will make the color fade more quickly.

  • It’s ideal to wash at 30 degrees celcius, to care for the color, fabric and environment.

  • Wash with like colors as bleeding may occur.

  • Lay heavier garments flat to dry, so they don’t loose their shape, lighter garments can hang or lay.

  • Don’t wash you garment too often, sometimes it just needs a breeze of fresh air.

  • Iron at low to medium heat.

  • Do not tumble dry.

  • Keep your garment out of direct sunlight to make the color last longer.