Little soul


Little soul just let it be, the things nobody else can see,

it's not worth using all your energy, on worries that won't ever be. 

Let it go and let it flow, I hope someday you'll know,

that perfect is not a term that makes you grow.

Feel and deal with your thoughts and your demons, 

they will follow you through time and seasons.

And only you can find a place to let them rest,

make space for them, they have invaded you

and life isn't gentle, you know best.

Grey becomes green and before you know,

it's like you've never seen, the dark sides that kept you awake, 

it's time for your restless thoughts to take a break.

Spring has come and flowers peak,

through dewy fields the light they seek. 

Under the ground they leave behind,

the leftovers from a past time and mind.

But promise me, before you go,

no matter what way, please let me know,

by light or sound that you will find, 

peace inside your heavy mind.