Burned out


When I close my eyes I see you disappear.

 Our whole life together is falling apart, because we have no fear.

No fear of losing the one that we love, because gratitude and tenderness is somewhere else than here.

The thought of being apart doesn't seem strange anymore, it's for the better, we both know,

but my heart beats like thunder when I tell you to go. 

Your body is still present here with me,

but your mind wanders restless and is not where it used to be.

I feel empty but relieved, because I know we will both heal someday,

you never really perceived me the way I see myself anyway.

I will sit on the cold wooden floor, and listen to the music you taught me to adore.

My mind will spare you a thousand thoughts, and hopes for your future that I had meant to touch,

but I will forever and always be, my own wild soul that needs to be free.