The Native collection is an exploration of Balinese nature and textile traditions. Handpainted and hand dyed, each garment is a wearable piece of art, that encapsulates the creative energy of the island.

A meeting with wild plantation and a lust for wandering, the collection is shaped by a passion for connecting with and portraying the natural world. Bundled bits of marigold, solar soaked drops of pink morinda, indigo as blue as the ocean.

The uneven surface of natural fibers

The trace of human touch

A sensuous awakening

An ode to Bali


When I open my eyes I see wildflowers everywhere

I return to the natural world out of nowhere

All this time I’ve been searching for something that made me feel alive

In a world where only the manmade thrive

Ever since I received your letter

It has been my mission to find something better

Something natural and pure

That can help turnaround our consumerist detour



Model: Camilla Himmelblå

Photography by Freja Løwe