Let's slow down.

Water pollution, toxic chemicals and textile waste are some of the biggest environmental threats of the fast fashion industry. Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, after agriculture. 

By discarding chemicals in the dyeing process, and using plants and food waste as a resource, I want to show that it's possible to create beautiful garments, without compromising on how we treat the environment.

The fast fashion industry has created a false need for constantly buying new clothes, and discarding "old" items that is in perfect condition. By creating unique items in a limited quantity, I believe in the benefits of owning less products of higher quality.  

The future is in the hands of both consumers and brands. A more conscious way of creating, using and connecting with the things we wear and surround ourselves with, is essential to work towards a greener industry and planet. 



The beauty of working with natural dyes and fabrics is that the result varies every time. Wabi-sabi is a Japanese aesthetic philosophy that values imperfection and natural decay. It’s about appreciating the unconventional and irregular - the unique. Wabi-sabi is an antidote to perfection and polished beauty, and a realistic mindset which acknowledges the change and decay of everything in the world. We are used to perfection being the ideal, and small irregularities in products are seen as flaws. By using the wabi-sabi philosophy in my work, I strive to create imperfect garments which are raw and honest. I let the process be open, and see surprises or “flaws” as an important part of adding personality to each garment.

Aesthetic sustainability

Overflowing landfills and overconsumption are some of our biggest environmental problems. Sustainability is at the core of Freja Løwe, but I work with one overall strategy to slow down consumption and create durable garments - aesthetic sustainability. All designs are timeless and don’t follow trends or seasons. Every piece is created through a slow process where every detail is considered, to create quality pieces that never goes out of style. By honoring the creative process and focusing on craftsmanship, every garment tells a story that makes it hard not to love and care for it longer than one season.