Indigo ocean skirt

Indigo ocean skirt


The ocean holds many secrets. The Indigo ocean skirt is inspired by the unstoppable blue power that nurtures our planet. This is a tribute to the deep deep blue, which we would be nothing without.

Making process: The fabric is spun and woven by local Balinese. The pattern is hand painted by me, using the ancient method batik, where hot wax is painted onto the fabric. The fabric is then delivered to my local dye partners at Tarum, where it is soaked in several indigo baths. It is then delivered to Agus, who by cutting and stitching carefully, turns the fabric into a wearable piece of art.

Plants used for color: The blue color is derived from locally grown indigo leaves. The blue/black lining is dyed with leaves from the umbrella tree.

Material: 100% Organic cotton

The skirt has lining for better durability and comfort. The lining is a light handwoven organic cotton.

The organic cotton is from our neighbor island Java, handspun and handwoven in Bali.

The buttons are made of natural sea shell.

Care: Hand wash cold with natural detergent. Read more about how to care for your garment here.

The model is 169 cm and wears a size S.

Please note: Each garment is dyed and painted by hand, and the pattern is different in every piece. This makes every single one unique, and not two of the exact same will ever exist. The overall look is the same, but you will not receive the exact same as pictured.


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