Sarong 05

Sarong 05


Touch collection

More made with less. Subtle tones with a pop of brightness. An exploration of our natural surrondings, leading us back to where we came from. Getting in touch, feeling touched, sensing the touch.

A sensous awakening of soft silk, local flowers, leaves and treasured trash. Versatile and easygoing. To wear, to sleep in, to hang on your wall and everything in between.

Please note: This sarong has a slight disruption in the silk in one place, which occured during dyeing. Therefore it is sold at a slightly discounted price. It measures around 3 cm and will not get worse with use. (See picture 5)

Dyed with: Avocado seeds and poppies.

Material : 100% Silk satin

Dimensions: Approximately 110 x 160 cm

This sarong is the only one of it’s kind.

Care: Hand wash cold with natural detergent. Read more about how to care for your garment here.

Please note: Natural dyes are alive and therefore small irregularities in the color is part of the beauty and makes each piece unique.

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