The power of nature


I looked out the window half awake and rays of light normally saved for springtime touched my face. Coffee in bed and then out of the city.

I can spend hour after hour outside no matter what season it is. Nature has the greatest power to bring peace to my mind and stop me from thinking about all the things I should be doing. It brings clarity no matter how stressed I am. When I was younger I wasn't aware of the benefits, but as I get older, nature constantly become more and more important to my wellbeing. 

After I had my dog Alba 3 years ago, something definitely changed, as I have to take her out for a walk at least 3 times a day. My boyfriend share the same love for nature, and after he had a puppy (Karen) of his own last summer, we get equally excited about going on trips out of the city, to find places we can all explore. 

Today we found a new place in the countryside, and the frosty landscape  and leaves shimmering in the sun was magical. Before we even noticed, the orange sun was setting over the lake. The days really are short this time of the year, but when you wake up to sunshine and go home when the sun does, it's alright.