Golden Paradise


Serendipity is when you accidentally drive by the most incredible scenery, and the same minute the grey sky turns golden orange.

We were going to visit my childhood beach in Vedbaek,  a twenty minutes drive from Copenhagen, which always brings good memories. We had been hoping to catch the sun that showed it's face for the first time this year. But as usual, when we had packed ourselves and the dogs, the sky turned grey again. Off we go, and when we arrived at the beach it was grey and stormy, which for sure has it's charm, but we had hoped for a tiny sign of spring... A bit early I know.

We decided to let the dogs run for a bit, and then go to the bakery for some Danish pastry, which is always a tradition when we visit this little town. We decided to drive a bit further up north, where the scenery is beautiful, especially when eating pastry on the backseat. The main road is called Strandvejen which translates to The beach road, and this makes perfect sense as it continues all the way up the north coast where beaches and beautiful mansions surround the road.

We've been driving for some time when we decide to head back home for dinner. We turn down a tiny muddy road, and the most beautiful golden fields meet us. We had to stop and the dogs were all excited to get out for a run. We continue down the little road, and at the end we get to the ocean, and the most beautiful beach continues as far as the eye can see. At the same moment as we pull over and decide to go explore the scenery, the sun comes out and casts a golden sheen all over us. We all get childishly excited and Johan and I go in each direction with a camera in our hands.

I felt so lucky, and got that excited feeling I always get when I can feel warmer times coming, and the seasons changing. We walked to the end of the beach. and the light was constantly changing from warm orange to deep dusty purple. A week ago I had an operation in my foot, so it was my first walk in a while, which made me enjoy it even more. I am not supposed to walk a lot yet, but nothing was going to stop me from taking in every bit, and getting the pictures I wanted. So my foot and I made our clumsy way around the beach, and had to pay the price later. It was worth the effort, and we drove home tired and once again overwhelmed by nature, and the power it has to change the mood and atmosphere in a second.